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Is the cat in the box alive or dead?

If you open the box, you will know the answer.

You will know the truth.

However, until you open the box, you can claim that the cat is alive, and you can also claim it is dead.

Even though there can only be one cat in the box, it is packed with a living cat and a dead cat


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Kinda disappointed at how the whole China - HK incident is unfolding at the moment. I’m definitely not chairman jeffrey wu pissed off about it, but more so annoyed how even in this modern society that this happening.

To begin with, I do not understand why china still claims to ‘own’ Hong Kong. As far as I am aware the only reason they want to own it is so they can be like ‘ive got suck a big dick cause i own an extra country… look at muh power”. I do not believe they have positively affected HK in any recent events because HK has pretty much been an independent and self-sustaining country pre and post war if you ignore military efforts. There is no reason why China should have any power over HK and this is why many people sitll be believe HK is an independent country which China has no rights to.

In a very poor comparison, it is like how Britain has no reasl power over Australia even in modern society despite the fact that it was colonized (rightfully or not) by British people. And look now, they have no influence in any way and does not really impact our lives. Yet for some reason even though China did not ‘discover’ Hong Kong they hold so much power over it, this is if you discount the british hand over, since HK would be doing as it is now even without having been handed over to china.

So what have they done to piss off HK people? China basically selects candidates that can run for governor (i think that is the title? equiv of president, prime minister if you must) of HK. Then the citizens get to choose from those selected people. So basically if China does not select a good governor, there is no way in fuck that HK can choose a good one because their choices are limited. This also brings the issue of corruption, if all candidates chosen are dodgy… then HK is basically fucked because they have no choice of who gets the seat.

In another shitty comparison, it is as if someone offered you all the money in the world. Except you cannot use any of it. And the whole tear gas incident was pretty shit move by the government considering the citizens have been conducting a peaceful protest without any incidents that I know of yet. (props to them). And funnily enough one of the high heads within the police if not might have been current governer made a press release that they will use the lowest violence they can, when he really meant to say something else, since the syllables in the word are quite similar. Although im too sure how to translate that part, its a pretty dumb mishap for him which would be quite embarassing since you do not use violence against innocent people who have done nothing wrong….

and holy fuck i found out about mozaik role today, nano’s fucking acoustic live version is so fucking good i dont think i can express how good it is by using the word fuck anymore.

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이세상에서 단한개뿐인 아리샤의 한정 피규어 말도안되는 노가다를

달성한 단 한사람들에게만 주어지는 영광이다 진심 부럽기도하고

저걸 그기간동안 달성한 한정피규어 당첨자인 “게르시스”님이 부럽다 

Mabinogi Heros Korea

1. Only One in the World Limited Edition

   high quality Arisha Figure

  Lottery winner Photo of certification (Photo copyright :게르시스)

2. Mabinogi: Heroes Season 2 art book (signed key staff)

  Director : 임덕빈 (Im Dukbin)

  Art Director : 이름을 모르겠음  

  Production Manager (Arisha overall planning) : 오동석 (Oh Dongseok)

  Arisha Animator : 김진호 (Kim Jinho)

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*Magic* (x)

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Do not plug in pls

oh hi i upgraded ur ram

It’s getting rid of bugs.

There has been a tragic misunderstanding about what kind of web the ethernet port provides access to.

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